When she's not sitting impatiently in the Chick-fil-A drive thru, she's chasing babies or folding laundry! She will occasionally try to make her hair look good, but it has to be a worthy event! Otherwise, she's spraying dry-shampoo and running on fumes! Adoption education is her heart cry; growing families is just an added bonus! She is a professional prank artist, has never gotten a speeding ticket, and is never sarcastic! When asked what is the best part of her job, she replied, "my job? I forget that it's technically called that. Kingdom work is never a job; its just the merging place of my calling in this life and an enjoyable hobby."
Favorite Bible Scripture: Romans 6:1-14

David, CFO

Lover of Christian rap, David loves riding with the windows down and the music turned way up! As a member of the US Military, David serves an active duty job during the daytime hours, and wears his Chief Financial Officer cape at night (after helping Jessica fold laundry, of course)! He works for the Weapons of Mass Destruction with the US Army and while that is a very serious job that takes a lot of dedication and determination, he is an amazing father and husband! He enjoys fishing in whatever spare time he can find, and always needs extra space in the church pew in case he feels the Spirit move! He is the sole reason Jessica and the kiddos are ever anywhere on time, and it takes a lot to frustrate him. When asked what his favorite part of the day is, he claims, "coming home to 3 smiling faces and 3 kisses. The excitement shown to me when I get home is definitely my favorite."
Favorite Bible Scripture: Romans 5:8
Taylor, Assistant Director
Taylor is a rockstar Mama who's ability to wear more than one cape is pure talent! Growing up in Castle Rock, CO, Taylor is an adoptee, has an open adoption with her biological family, and is a mama of three under 5! Her radiant heart is truly a rare gem! She's found golden opportunities throughout her own story to help lead other's to Christ, and birth mom care is her utmost priority! Taylor is the wife of AJ (our MSAC Family Counselor), and mother of Carter, Colbie, and Ellis! She is an amazing educational resource for open adoption, for navigating the emotions raising an adoptee in a healthy environment, for interracial adoption, and for protecting the raw, special details of each child's adoption story! Taylor serves as the Assistant Director for MSAC, where she prepares our family's profile books and home studies for agencies/attorneys, answers questions that our families may have, and helps our new families put their best foot forward in gaining education in their personal journey! 
Favorite Bible Scripture: Psalm 127:3
AJ, Family Counselor
AJ is a Idahoan, through and through! Raised his whole life in Boise, Idaho, he graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Financing! AJ is a huge help to all of our Mustard Seed clients, as he helps walk with them spiritually, emotionally, and physically, meeting each family's individual needs! Our family's always rave about how "they're on such an adoption high right now after just speaking with AJ!" As a father of three, the husband of an adoptee, and a background in personal fundraising, he brings fresh new ideas to the table, helping our families map out the logistics behind making adoption an affordable option for them! AJ loves to hunt game and refuses to move anywhere with less than 40 inches of average snowfall a year! He gives a highly-coveted man's/father's perspective on adoption education and is a huge asset to our team!
Favorite Bible Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:11
Lizzy, Prospective Client Coordinator
Born and raised just outside of Nashville, TN, Lizzy and her husband are high school sweet hearts. She has her Bachelors in International Relations and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2017 with her Masters in Theological Studies. Her passion for adoption runs deep as her sister is adopted! After experiencing the process with her family of bringing her sister home, she knew adoption was a calling for her own future family as well! Her and her husband Randle welcomed their daughter Jubilee Faye, in 2018, and their son in August of 2019! God has blessed their family in huge ways through adoption, and Lizzy loves her job: talking to hopeful prospective families who feel adoption tugging on their hearts. When you schedule a consult call via our website, it's Lizzy that you'll speak with, and pray with, while you gain knowledge on how MSAC hopes to serve your family!
Favorite Bible Scripture: Psalm 139:15-16

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